To meet Nowdays Expectations of the Current market we created EKoView Hydroponic Channels which allows to cultivat Hydroponic Method Organic products.

Why our product is better?
  • Traditional Hydroponic NFT Channels we filled with special inner layer !
  • Groings are separated from plastic, which usually is used for production of Hydroponic NFT
  • Channels, so the final product is more eco-friendly!
  • Anti-fraction surface prevents the residue and limescale accumulation!
  • Extra protection of degradation of the channel from inside!
  • Increased usefulness channels till 4 years

Our standard dimensions of channels
  • 12 m x 85 mm x 63 mm
  • 12 m x 75 mm x 63 mm
Please be informed, that dimensions can be adapted to your needs By ordering EkoView Hydroponic NFT Channels you will get:
  • high quality!
  • timely production!
  • professional customer service!

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